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gratis mini forum
Returning Visitors and new Friends

Because of the MiniFORUM

Get the free mini Forum on your website

Forums are visitor magnets and now everyone can have it.

Great Linkdirectory!

With the free link list I created a nice collection of links on my website and was able to adapt them perfectly to my website. What's great is that it also has an integrated one-click visitor counter. Stefanie H.
kostenlose linkliste

Finally a Guest Book!

Thanks to the free Guest Book, I have quite a few botanists who write nice things in my guest book. I've already found some nice botanist websites as a result. Jonas R.
Gratis Ga6uml;stebuch

My new Forum!

It's not a phpBB forum board, but it's something to be proud of. This fits perfectly into my homepage. I now have many photographer friends with whom I exchange ideas in my new mini-forum. The great thing is that there are more and more members in my forum. Wolfgang K.
Gratis Forum

How it works?

Just a few steps and it's integrated into your website ...

  • Register for free

    Register for free and click on the activation link in the email. Your access data is already in this e-mail.

  • Log In

    After activation, log in. In the overview you see the links of your new website features.

  • Adjust guest book, forum, link list

    In the login area under My Tools you can adapt your new extras to your website colors exactly.

  • Install code

    Copy the code of the extra that you want to add to your website. The code is entered in the HTML mode of your editor.

Questions and answers

Is it really free and how can you offer it for free?

Yes, the guestbook, forum and link list are free forever. We can offer it for free because there is a banner ad at the end. Not more. In addition, we operate many other projects and can thus help finance them.

I don't know how to embed a code or link :-(

No fear. We help you. You tell us which system or website builder you use and we will tell you step by step how to do it. We don't leave anyone out in the rain. Promised!

Can I also make the background transparent??

Yes. To make the background transparent, simply enter transparent under Background color. You can enter any color code you like. Transparent is for when you have your own background image on your website.

Are the forum, link list and guestbook spam safe??

Yes. We have integrated spam protection, which works very well to this day. Should this change, we will take further spam protection measures.

Is there an ad freedom??

Yes. Just write to us. With the next update you will be able to request advertising freedom in the login area.

Is the login area multilingual?

Yes. You can select German or English in the login area under Settings, My Data.